Structural Analysis and Design
EECMS performs the structural analysis for and the design of buildings or building components for buildings used for residential, commercial, institutional or industrial uses.  All calculations and documents prepared by EECMS conform to the applicable building codes and ordinances of the respective jurisdiction.  State-of-the-art computer software combined with the training allows for design flexibility.  Changes in client's requirements or changes in field conditions can therefore be fairly readily accommodated.
Structural Condition Assessment
EECMS performs structural condition inspections and assessment of existing structures and prepares structural condition reports based on the inspections and assessment.  State-of-the-art techniques are used, as appropriate, in the inspection process to ensure a complete and accurate condition assessment.
Project Scheduling and Monitoring
EECMS uses the Critical Path Method (CPM) to develop and monitor construction project schedules for owners, contractors or A/E teams.  State-of-the art computer software combined with the training and experience of EECMS team members allow for the development of schedules that account for the unique variabilities in a specific project and allow for early identification and mitigation of schedule and budget risks.  EECMS provides its clients with reports, in a format and at intervals as agreed, that show the current schedule, including resource utilization, compared with the planned schedule.
Construction Contract Management
EECMS works with owners, contractors or A/E teams to implement and maintain appropriate construction contract management systems, including a procurement process, payments, change management, document control and contract close-out.  EECMS provides its clients with reports, in a format and at intervals as agreed, that show the status of each contract or sub-contract.
Construction Quality Management
EECMS works with owners, contractors or A/E teams to implement and maintain appropriate quality management systems.  Each system is customized for the specific project but they typically include procedures for:  documentation of the required specifications and monitoring of the specifications for all materials; material substitutions; execution of all critical tasks; testing and;documentation and reporting on any deviation from specifications. Additionally, EECMS provides personnel to monitor established quality management plans and provides reports as agreed with the client.
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